Prompt FAQs

This page covers many of the questions that we are often asked.

Can I use my own freight account?

If you want to use your own freight account that's is possible however we may iclude a fee for consigning your items. We also will not follow up the carrier to ensure that your consignment has been delivered.

Am I covered for any loss or damage of my items in tranit?

The simple answer is No. Freight companies do not provide any insurance or gurantees about the safe delivery of any consigment. Unless prior arrangements are made and agreed upon by the sender and the freight company, the sender will need to rely on their own Transit Insurance for any losses or damages.

Are my items safe at Prompt?

Prompt have a locked gate, 24 hour CCTV and back to base alarm systems deployed to ensure the safety of your items. The premises are also patrolled each night as a further security precaution. So yes, you items are safe with us.

Are my items insured at Prompt?

As a responsible business Prompt maintain insurance policies that have significant provisions for loss in the case of fire or theft, however your items will not specifically be insured and in the unlikely event of a major incident involving the loss or destruction of your stock we do not gurantee that you will be covered. Prompt recomend that you take out business insurance on your stock to ensure that you are sufficiently covered.

Are there any fixed costs?

Prompt do charge a small monthly account fee, but other than that all of our charges are based around the services you use.

What kinds of items can I store at Prompt?

Basically you can store anything with us that is not classified as Dangerous Goods and does not require refridgeration. There are some types of items that don't work well with our warehousing setup, such as extra long or tall items.